We all want to lead a fulfilling life that has meaning and purpose yet at times, we struggle to find our way. Our limiting beliefs and patterns can block us from experiencing peace within ourselves and connection with the world around us. In our work together, I combine life coaching with specialized energy work to create space for awareness, clarity, powerful transformations, and continued personal growth. 

– Tracey

Remote or office sessions available

A Path to healing

The RYT Process

I believe each of us has a unique, personal journey. However, this journey does not have to be taken alone. The RYT process will lead new awareness of self allowing you to move through your life with grace and courage.

If you recognize repetitive behavioral patterns or limiting thoughts and beliefs that you seem unable to change or break out of this combination of Spiritual Counseling, Thought Transformation, and Energy Healing Work will help you create lasting change. 

Are you ready to find the joy and fulfillment that comes with being your truest self?


A workbook with a simple formula to help you identify and work though
the feelings that are keeping you stuck.


Kind Words

"I finally found my peace. I see more clearly the impact my past has on me and can now navigate through it better. I've learned to communicate with my loved ones in a way I never knew I could before."
"Working with Tracey helped me dive deep to the root of some feelings that were holding me back from moving forward with the life that I wanted. It’s like 6 months of therapy rolled into one amazing hour."
"I don't think I am the same person because I feel a peace that surpasses all understanding. Tracey has helped me recognize my self-worth."

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Grab your ‘Feelings Check’ worksheet to help you process the emotions that are weighing you down. Quickly identify your feelings so you can heal them and release what’s holding you back.

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