6 Secrets of Happy Relationships with Mona Shah Joshi


Remember Your Truth is excited to welcome Mona Shah Joshi for this incredible offering!

Mona Shah Joshi–Happiness Activator, TEDx Speaker and writer—is an expert in the field of mind-body-wellness. Mona has facilitated more than 50,000 hours of programs in 4 continents for Art of Living and International Association for Human Values (IAHV). Mona has been invited to speak at national conferences, multinational corporations, churches, temples, and universities. She brings together ancient Vedic philosophy and contemporary pop culture in her teaching and writing. In addition to writing popular articles for Huff Post, Spirituality and Health, Fulfillment Daily, and BOLD magazines, Mona is a frequent guest on radio, television, and podcasts. Www.Artofliving.org

Have you really ever thought about why you want to be with someone? Whatever our reasons may be, underlying these reasons is a feeling that being with this person will enhance our happiness. Yet, despite the best of hopes and intentions, about 40–50 percent of marriages don’t survive life’s challenges.

So how can you create a happy, healthy, lasting relationship? As Mona has learned from both teaching the Happiness Program and working with couples, the greatest challenge to creating lasting happiness in a relationship is your own mind. When you can manage your own mind, your relationships and (smile) can become unshakably strong.

Mona says, “Maybe relationships aren’t all bliss and chocolate kisses, but each one can still be filled with moments of unbridled laughter and deep contentment. When wisdom couples with love, these moments of pure joy multiply.”

During this seminar, Mona will share with us six “secrets” to making those joyful moments happen more frequently and consistently!

Suggested Love Offering $35. All proceeds for this event will be donated to Kaleidoscope Child Foundation!