Almost Heaven 2018 Women’s Retreat

Almost Heaven Women’s Retreat with Diane Ferguson and Tracey Owens
February 22-25, 2018


Whether you are currently on an inward journey, wanting to take time to reflect, seeking spiritual expansion and growth, or simply wishing to engage in discussions about such matters with other women in a safe, non-judgmental setting, “Almost Heaven” could be for you!


This year our retreat focus is on a “Pathway To Peace!” When looking for a path to peace, one comes to realize that peace is the path. Peace can only be achieved by letting go of the past and accepting what is, though the practice of forgiveness.


Perhaps your goal is to be able to remain in a peaceful, calm state, regardless of whatever drama, chaos or turmoil is going on around you. This is the most important step forward we can take towards bringing peace into our lives and out into the rest of the world.  After all, the world we see around us, is a reflection or our inner world.

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