Fire Walk in Atlanta July 1, 2017

Join us for a Fire Walk on July 1, 2017 with Certified Fire Walk Instructors Jeri LaVigne, Ed.D., Ph.D. and her partner Sandy Rasch. (Jeri is an Educational Psychologist, Irlen Director, and Neurofeedback Practitioner.)

Why walk on fire? Fire walking is a powerful experience. Walking barefoot over hot glowing coals is a unique and exciting way to challenge yourself to overcome limiting beliefs and act in the face of fear. It is also a beautiful way to develop a deeper connection with the element and energy of fire. It is a teacher for performance, career, practice, and purpose. The practice of fire walking can be found in recorded histories from centuries ago. The ancient Romans, Brahmin priests from India, African tribes and Bali initiations all have recorded using fire walking in ceremonies for healing or other spiritual experiences. Fire walking experiences have been documented in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, China, Egypt, Fiji, Greece, Haiti, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet, Trinidad, and South Africa.

Jeri and Sandy,
 have been leading people across the coals for over ten years. They trained with Tolly Burkan, the leader of the fire walking movement in this country, in firewalking, glass walking and arrow breaks. Since that time, they have held numerous workshops using the practice of fire walking to help people step into their potential. Jeri and Sandy use these workshops to help people connect to their own personal sense of power. Some see this exercise as a greater connection to God, others see this opportunity as a better understanding of their own intuition or personal power. In any case, fire walking gives you an opportunity to face your fears and overcome them. It also gives you a very tangible way to realize and more fully use the power within.

Jeri says, “It’s an indelible way to learn a lesson. Everyone will remember their first Fire Walk. Every time you think about it, you will think about the lessons that come with it. Fire walking is a powerful metaphor for facing our fears, reaching goals, and understanding that not all of our beliefs are true. There are many things that we think are impossible, too difficult, or would hurt too much that lead us to not even try. Many of life’s challenges are built up to be these big things, but are really surmountable hills.” 

$75 Per Person (includes Intuitive workshop designed to help break through fears and limiting beliefs followed by a Sacred Firewalk!)

  • Location: Fairburn, GA – address will be given via email
  • Arrive at 4pm
  • Fire building process and workshop begins promptly at 4:30pm
  • Bring a folding chair, water, and a journal
  • Bring a dish to share after the Firewalk
  • Plan to be together for approx. 5 hours

For more information, contact Jeri LaVigne at: or 678-886-5996 or Tracey at 251-680-4413. 

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