Rhythmic Meditations

Remember Your Truth presents

A Journey into Sound, Creativity and Making Mindful Music
with Dave Holland

March 24 @ 5pm

Part performance, sonic immersion and hands-on rhythm making, this evening experience invites your inner creative child to come out and play! Enjoy the ethic sounds & rhythms of the world, bath in the healing vibrations of gongs and singing bowls and explore your own rhythmic creativity with others.

Admission: $20 in advance or $25 at the door.

Dave Holland is a master world percussionist, music artist, teacher and drum circle facilitator. Through his companies, Beatin’ Path Rhythm Events, Interactive Rhythm and Team Rhythm Programs, Dave shares his passion for community, teamwork, and diversity through performances, drum circles and workshops! He’s traveled to Cuba, West Africa, Brazil, and the Middle East to study the instruments and rhythms of the world. Having presented at numerous conferences across and the country and authored 3 books on rhythm-based facilitation, Dave brings to each workshop a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. www.beatinpathrhythmevents.com