Collaborative Partners

Nina Simone

Nina Simone

Nina Simone is an Initiated Toltec Shaman, DNA Crystal Reiki healer, leader of Sacred Ceremony, Herbalista, Ordained Minister, Cosmic Midwife, Registered Tantric Hatha Yoga teacher and loves to move energy! Nina’s work focuses on detoxing the mind, body and emotions, both energetically and physically. Nina helps people peel away layers of static, which fosters a stronger, clearer connection to one’s Higher Self. Her mission is to help spread a message of love and light while encouraging others to open their hearts to share their gifts with the world.

David Ault

For over 30 years David Ault has been a prophetic voice in the human potential movement as an unwavering crusader for mindfulness, global literacy and social justice.

David actively tours and coaches associations, business leaders and individuals on the paramount importance of value based living and the uncovering of individual and collective hidden themes that hinder optimal living and performance. In Atlanta, he serves as dean to a council of multi-generational, multi-faith leaders who assist others in dissolving systemic issues of unworthiness, bias and racism and builds new mental equivalents of equality, character, ethics, spirituality and wellness.

Don Simmons

Don Simmons has been a working Spiritual Councelor for many years in addition to being an accomplished film-maker and writer. He is a certified hypnotherapist who has specialized in past life regression to help many clients overcome various fears and phobias common and uncommon to everyday life.

Don Reed Simmons has studied meditation with masters such as Thich Nhat Hanh and Jon Kabat-Zinn. He is now a master and highly regarded meditation teacher in his own right. Don’s guided meditations are nothing short of powerful.  His recorded meditations have reached millions of listeners worldwide

Don teaches meditation, mindfulness and compassion with the use of Sound as a modality of relaxation, balance and wellness.

Paulette Dawson

I have been working with Tarot for almost 25 years.  I was blessed to discover this medium when I was young and have studied this craft throughout my adult life.  I came to this path with the desire to help others through their stormy seas and to face uncertainty.

I use my intuitive senses to communicate with spirit guides and loved ones to provide a reading that is memorable and loving.  Often times, these mentors desire a platform to be heard, perhaps for the first time. They have much to say, and I am honored to be a conduit for their voices.

I look forward to working with anyone who is ready to hear these messages and move forward in their own path!  

Tracey Owens

Tracey is an Empowerment Catalyst, Professional Speaker and Spiritual Teacher with her own unique perspective to living a truly empowered, authentic life. Her belief is that anyone can choose to unlearn programmed beliefs and conditioning. She also recognizes that transformation occurs through the conscious commitment of aligning how one thinks, speaks, feels, and acts. Living from this creative energetic space allows for a deeper connection to self, others, and all of Life.

 Her services are a combination of Spiritual Counseling, Thought Transformation, and Energy Healing Work. This combination creates a welcoming environment for deep and lasting change to be brought forth and implemented. Tracey provides a safe, nonjudgmental, sacred space where clients can experience relief from physical and emotional pain. She teaches them where they may hold energetic blocks so that they may gain a greater connection to their own source of wisdom, power, and love.

Tullio Lowd

Tullio Lowd is a Sacred Light Infusion Healer, a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner and has also been trained in Matrix Energetics. He incorporates these various modalities into his practice, creating a unique approach to healing. Tullio’s intuitive healing gifts are administered through a compassionate, gentle loving presence and grounded approach. He sees the wholeness in each person and encourages everyone to recognize that truth within themselves.