There Are Many Forms of Transformation

Transformation is a hot topic for discussion these days. And it comes in many forms. For example, the human body transforms every 7 years. In a 7 year cycle, all of our cells are renewed and replenished. It is believed by many that this cellular renewal cycle involves spiritual transformation as well. This type of transformation happens for everyone. It is a natural and organic part of life, but it is usually the spiritual transformation that provides the most impact.

Before transformation can occur things must break down or appear to crumble in some way. Some part of us must die away in order to be transformed or rebirthed. Yes, this process can sometimes be painful, but it can also be one of the most magical and enlightening experiences we can have.

Think of the humble caterpillar. At a certain stage of its life, the caterpillar goes into the darkness of the cocoon, known as the chrysalis stage, in order to be transformed. Do you think the caterpillar knows what is happening when it goes into the cocoon? Do you think it can “see” past the darkness of the cocoon? As far as we know, the caterpillar has no idea what it is to become. Perhaps on some level, it can intuit what it is going to become, but throughout the process, the caterpillar is basically alone and faced with nothing except the memory of what it once knew to be true.

The animal kingdom can provide us clues as to the process of transformation and in many ways, help us to understand our own. Not only does the caterpillar morph into a beautiful butterfly, but snakes also shed their skin and let’s not forget the mythical phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Each of us are given just what we need to assist with our transformation. It is up to us to open ourselves to the infinite possibilities that are available to us. It begins with a willingness to explore new ideas and ways of being. 

Today, I look at life from a balanced perspective. Rather than resisting the forces of nature and its ever changing cycles, I choose flexibility and being open to new ideas and ways of being. I release rigid thinking and actions and gracefully embrace the new possibilities that this flexible balance brings. I must remember that nothing is missing, things are simply changing form. My life is forever transforming to an even greater expression of pure perfect  love.
~ And so it is!

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