Feelings Check: a Helpbook

Unearth trapped feelings and emotions to discover greater truth and wellbeing

The purpose of this helpbook is to give you a tool to identify, understand, accept, and move through various feelings. When we don’t take the time to identify and feel our feelings, they get suppressed, which prevents us from living a fulfilling life. If you are willing, this helpbook will allow you to objectively see what’s going in with your behaviors, reactions, and emotions. 

Whether positive or negative, feelings need to be identified, understood, and communicated in a clear way in order to keep relationships healthy and to continue to grow spiritually. Taking personal ownership of our feelings creates a more balanced expression of them. And working through difficult feelings in constructive ways builds a more compassionate understanding of ourselves and others. This paves the way for a truly authentic, feelings-based living that will have you well on the way to remembering your truth.

Get a sneak peak inside the book by downloading these free feelings worksheets!



Tracey Owens

Tracey is an Empowerment Catalyst, Professional Speaker and Spiritual Teacher with her own unique perspective to living a truly empowered, authentic life. Her belief is that anyone can choose to unlearn programmed beliefs and conditioning. She also recognizes that transformation occurs through the conscious commitment of aligning how one thinks, speaks, feels, and acts. Living from this creative energetic space allows for a deeper connection to self, others, and all of Life.

Her path began when she realized the importance of remembering the truth about who she is. It then became her passion to assist others with remembering theirs as well. She sees the wholeness of every individual through a compassionate understanding of suffering caused by life’s circumstances. With many years’ of experience working in a variety of healing modalities, she brings a rare and welcome combination of mental brilliance, heartfelt warmth, and spiritual curiosity to her life and work. Tracey’s gifts include the ability to inspire others due to her own past experiences and her ability to communicate with extraordinary ease and clarity.

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