The Remember Your Truth Method

At RYT, I provide highly intuitive and individualized coaching services and energetic resources that support personal growth and wellbeing. I invite each person to embark on a journey of transformation to reach their fullest potential by looking through a different lens to access their own personal needs and truths.

The Remember Your Truth (RYT) Method is a powerful and transformative process of holistic healing that identifies and corrects imbalances of emotional, mental and physical energy at a cellular level and releases them from the subconscious mind, energy fields and body. My services use a combination of Spiritual Counseling, Thought Transformation, and Energy Healing Work to create transformation and healing.


I will personally support you in identifying and removing any subconscious interference that has you feeling stuck or blocked in your health or your life. As you begin to circulate this blocked energy, healing happens. You will begin to tap into profound levels of health and vitality. As this stagnant energy is freed up, your body will begin to flourish with life at the cellular level. Greater authenticity is soon to follow!

At the end of each session I will teach you how to access your own healing potential through various tools. These tools support a change in mindset which then has the capacity to change your life by empowering you to truly move through any life challenge with grace and courage.

Each session itself is powerful and the knowledge gained is transformative by allowing you a greater connection to your own source of wisdom, power, and love.

Reasons to try
this method

If you experience stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, phobias, limiting belief, low self-esteem, or you struggle with weight issues, mental confusion, lethargy and fatigue, PTSD, releasing automatic negative thoughts and emotions (including anger), improving physical health and overall vitality, reconnecting with personal power, and uncovering one’s calling, life purpose, or “mission.”

If other treatments have failed or only offer temporary relief.

If you recognize repetitive behavioral patterns or limiting thoughts and beliefs that you seem unable to change or break out of.

If you have physical symptoms, in the form of pain or acute or chronic illness of any kind and are unable to get to the root of it.

“Our physical reality is a direct reflection of our inner beliefs and conditioning. The thoughts that we dwell on, whether positive or negative, create the vibrational quality of our reality."
- Tracey Owens Lowd

Work With Tracey


Each session covers many areas of clearing that include, but are not limited to, releasing stuck emotions from childhood traumas, clearing blockages to allow your Higher Self to integrate into your physical body, and opening your ability to integrate more easily.

Many people experience profound shifts after their first session, although in most cases Tracey recommends starting with at least two sessions. If you are interested in gifting someone with a session, click here to purchase an eGift card.

Empowerment Coaching

Experience Conscious Empowerment Coaching and Energy Medicine healing techniques to cultivate a thriving experience 
of life.

90 Minute Sessions – $225

60 Minute Sessions – $175

Reiki sessions

Experience Reiki Healing to create energetic movement on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

60 Minute Reiki – $175

30 Minute Reiki – $100

Healy micro-current device 

Healy Micro-current Device works with energetics on a quantum level, communicating directly with your cells to promote healing.

Learn more about Healy

90 Minute Healy Session – $109

60 Minute Healy Session – $89

30 Minute Healy Session – $59

* Packages available

* Coaching Combinations available

Gift Cards 

If you are interested in gifting someone with a session, click here to purchase an eGift card.


What to expect
from a Virtual session

Tracey offers remote energy clearings via Skype, Facetime or Phone. These sessions include advanced methods of long-distance healing to align and balance the energetic body. In these sessions Tracey is working with your energy field, psyche, and sphere of consciousness, so there is no need for a “hands on” session. As you connect during a remote session, she will be monitoring your sphere of consciousness, which contains your light body, mental body, emotional body, physical body, and spiritual body, along with many of the energetic cords that we pick up throughout our lifetime. Tracey will contact you at your scheduled time.

What to expect
from an In-Person Session

In this one-on-one empowerment experience you will talk about what brought you here. Tracey will ask you questions throughout the session to assist you with identifying suppressed emotions and stagnant energy. As she asks questions, she observes your energy body and then responds with insights. You can co-create the session by talking to Tracey about how the subtle energy and emotions are changing within you, or you may choose to remain quiet and let the sacred space support you and your healing and revealing process.

“True, deep, and permanent healing occurs in the present moment-never in the past, never in the future.” - Tracey Owens


Are you looking to hire an inspirational speaker, empowerment coach, or mindfulness facilitator in your area? I have spoken at dozens of Spiritual Centers, Yoga Centers, Retreats, and conferences across the US. For more information download my media kit. If you’d like to book me for your next meeting or company event, Contact me today.


I serve on the Leadership Team at National Speakers Association Georgia.

NSA Georgia

Wedding & Ceremony Officiant

Tracey is an Ordained Universal Life Church Minister and is available to officiate Weddings, Celebrations of Life, and Baby Blessings. Whether you are looking for a traditional ceremony or something unique and one-of-a-kind, Tracey is here to assist! She can officiate a ceremony for the couple exchanging wedding vows, perform child blessings, or offer a celebration of life service for a loved one who has transitioned. No matter the religious or spiritual background, your special day will be that: Uniquely Yours!

As an ULC Minister, Tracey can legally officiate weddings across the United States and in various countries abroad.

Wedding pricing available for couples choosing to elope, those wanting a simple and quick ceremony at home with friends, or those wanting a ceremony at a venue stateside or abroad! Contact us for rates or more details!

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