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I host retreats, group coaching sessions, and trainings throughout the year. You can view a list of all upcoming events below.  If you need more information about an event, or you’re looking for an inspirational speaker, empowerment coach, or mindfulness facilitator in your area I would love to hear from you.

FireWalk Events

“Firewalking has been practiced by many people and cultures in all parts of the world, with the earliest known reference dating back to Iron Age India c. 1200 BC. It is often used as a rite of passage, as a test of an individual’s strength and courage, or in religion as a test of one’s faith. Modern physics has explained the phenomenon, concluding that the amount of time the foot is in contact with the ground is not enough to induce a burn, combined with the fact that embers are not good conductors of heat.” – Wikipedia

If you’re looking for an unforgettable and transformational event, firewalking will provide the right and perfect solution.

Firewalking is considered the ultimate challenge that provides radical change and it is ideal for those wanting to break through barriers and take their lives to the next level.

Think about it, you cross over a bed of 1,200°F hot coals, barefoot without getting burned! You instantly feel the energy and power of the fire element.

Why do I do it? This tool is designed to help us transform fear and limiting beliefs and inspire us to transcend the expectations of what we believe is possible. This results in a deeper connection with our intuition and the infinite power within. It is a practical way of confirming our instincts and validating our intuition.

Firewalking teaches us a valuable lesson about the power of the mind and the effect that thoughts and beliefs have on our experience of reality.

During this event, you will learn to dance with the fire in the presence of fear, successfully face your fear whenever it arises, transform fearful situations as opportunities for growth, and, ultimately, transform fear itself into a powerful ally.

You’ll experience and witness not only individual breakthroughs, but entire team bonding, making this the ideal activity for groups to help build confidence, create lasting change, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and have fun!

RYT Method Trainings and Courses


The RYT energetic wisdom teachings and techniques of Tracey Owens reveal and unlock your unique capacity to move beyond “healing what appears to be broken,” or “releasing what is no longer serving” to looking through a new lens with a new perspective undeniably transforms everything in your life, reminding your that you are a profoundly powerful creator.

Based in Quantum and Traditional Science, ancient wisdom and woven with contemporary thought, this work makes clear sense of the formerly mysterious and often elusive applications into everyday life, and the benefits of our cutting-edge discoveries in health and science today. This isn’t about operating at the level of thought. Instead, Tracey supports each student in creating felt, experiential shifts that transform their relationship to life from the inside out.

Women’s Group Coaching


In this small 4 Week Women’s Group Coaching Program we’ll work together on issues that keep you from moving forward. Together, we’ll create tangible solutions for the challenges you face, to remove the obstacles so that you can build momentum towards your goals. You’ll be surrounded by other compassionate, committed, and authentic women and be fueled by creative feminine energies and ideas to support you on your path. Through weekly Zoom coaching calls, community support, and customized guided meditations/integrations, you’ll move far beyond what you imagined is possible.


Group Breathwork

The breath is our teacher, revealing the shadow and the light. The breath teaches us how to navigate our inner and outer journey with awareness and self love…giving us the miracle of freedom from the conditioned mind.

Did you know that we can heal faster in a loving, safe community when people are on a similar path towards evolution? The mind has so many layers to heal and with the love of a group like this one, much more unconscious material gets pushed up for healing.

This work is not about dwelling in the shadowlands of our minds. It’s about embracing all of ourselves into wholeness and freedom from the shackles of the conditioned and programmed mind.

To attain spiritual liberation we must become willing to bring light to the incomplete, wounded parts of ourselves, the parts that keep acting out in small and large subtle ways, sometimes destroying our relationship with life itself.

We can not deny the negative patterns and traumas that have been passed on to us from society, our family mind, birth trauma, karma…and there are many other “Biggies” to look at.

This work works!!! The unconscious material I have cleared in the past 9 years would not have been as possible without breathwork, and the emotional processing I have been supported through with my spiritual family.

The mind can be very tricky but Divine Intelligence is the ultimate healer. When we receive the breath of life and the support of conscious community into our lives, miracles of Grace, Peace, and Freedom happens.

You can be in the comfort of your own space and participate in an hour of Conscious Connected Breathwork, also known as Rebirthing.

Upcoming Workshops, Trainings, & Retreats

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