How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful tool to add to your self-care and spiritual practice.  They help support your mood when you are feeling stressed, anxious, tired, frustrated, etc. They support healing by preventing colds, flu, infection and improve your immune response. Oils also help enhance your mood for a higher spiritual connection. What’s not to love?

Essential oils are a wonderful tool on their own and I feel they are even more powerful when used with other modalities for healing. I encourage each person to intuitively explore whether or not essential oils are right for them. If something does not feel right to them, I ask them to go with it. Sometimes that shows up as a resistance and  sometimes it reveals itself another way.

The uses for oils are limitless and some of the ailments and remedies listed below is a great place to start. These holistic approaches I find to be most effective. Here’s a quick list of essential oils uses from my dear friend and Young Living mentor, Sue Sides: 

Diving into using essentials oils may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.


Emotion: Associated with fear of the future, stepping forward in life, not liking the direction you are headed in life. 

Remedy: Stretch the tendon on the bottom of the foot several times a day by standing on tippy toes and bending foot forward and no high heels
Copaiba, any of the conifer oils like Spruce, Cypress or Fir. Emotional oils like Into The Future, Joy, Release or Motivation

Emotion: Associated with fear, anxiety, guilt, worry, or inadequacy.

Remedy: Journal prior to sleep, releasing worry, fear, doubt. Take a hot bath with Lavender, Valerian, Peace and Calming and or Frankincense 30 minutes before bedtime. You may also diffuse these oils and apply to bottoms of feet. 

No technology 1 hour prior to bed. 
YL makes a sleep product called Sleepessence  that may help. B vitamins also may help. Yl makes a Super B supplement ( also great for depression)
Emotion: Associated with, anger, need to be in control, letting reactions rule, and interfering with others lives.
Remedy: Release on bottoms of feet and diffuse. Joy on heart chakra 3 times a day. Journal feelings daily. 
Additional Oils: Lavender, Peace and Calming
Emotion: Feels boxed in, helpless to change, unable to call the  shots in their life
Remedy: Into The Future on base of skull, Lavender or Peace and Calming diffuse, Release on bottoms of feet.
Emotion: Judging self or others harshly, obsessed with wanting to control, Joy of life is  gone, Emotional shock, Ashamed of something you did in the past, on going feelings of sorrow, need more sweetness in life for self ( all or one or two could be at the root )
Remedy: Blood Sugar Solution book and cookbook by Dr. Mark Hyman (great resource even with recipes)
Ocotea, 1 drop  on tongue prior to meals and at bedtime, Dill oil on wrists for sugar cravings
Cinnamon balances BS. May take 3 or 4 drops  internally in capsule, put on food or feet
Diffuse Release, Joy, Peace and Calming 
Emotion: Seeking love, protecting the body, Stuffed feelings, Trying to fulfill the self, Inability to admit to self and others what you desire, Using food as a substitute for affection.
Remedy: Young Living has a wonderful line of Slique products especially for weight. Includes Slique oil for water or diffusing, weight management capsules, Slique bars which I love and frequently eat for breakfast, and a Slique shake!
Journaling, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
Dill oil on wrists for sugar cravings
Diffuse Joy, Motivation, Peace and Calming
Emotion: Anger turned inward, Feels like giving up on life, feels like it is no use, feels  I’ll never be enough, Hopeless, Helpless.
Remedy: Journaling feelings, The Artists Way
Diffuse Joy, Motivation, Believe on heart, Frankincense for meditation and prayers well as on heart, Lavender or Peace and Calming on diffuser necklace
Movement of  any kind helps, even stretching, bending, lifting. Daily walk outside!
Ask self— about what am I angry? If a person says they are not angry I would recommend the oil Release or even an Emotional Release  session using the oils. *That process is in the Higley book Reference Guide For Essential Oils.

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