Are You Making Conscious Choices?

Scientists say that we have 60, 000 – 80, 000 thoughts each day. Within the multitude of thoughts, we are each making thousands of big and small choices, but how many are intentional? How many are conscious? In other words, what conscious choices are you making each day that will have an impact on your now moment, your day, your week, month, year or 10 years from now? Webster dictionary says that consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, being aware of something within oneself. In other words, choosing a conscious way of living and living aligned with a greater Truth.

We’ve always had the ability to make conscious choices. What is unfortunate is that many of us were conditioned to operate at a habitual, mostly unconscious level. For much of my life, I lived in a state of questioning my choices, wondering what was true and what was false, often unclear about past choices and completely unclear about my next steps. I made decisions from that place of confusion and oftentimes had many undesirable repercussions. I remember a specific day back in 2002 when I allowed something within me to wake up just long enough to see that my family cared for me deeply. That was the day that I made a conscious effort to move towards a path of sobriety, and away from alcohol and drugs. It was a choice that led me down a path of awakening, one that I will always look back on and wonder what was so different about that moment that made me pay attention and what would my life have been like, had I not chosen a sober path. Not questioning from a place of regret but more from a place of curiosity.

There’s no end to the choices one makes in a day, whether realized or not, we choose to be enthusiastically optimistic or hopelessly forlorn, to capitalize on opportunities or let them pass us by, to have a healthy self-esteem or continually look at life through a dark lens, speak up for ourselves or remain silent, take charge of our life or let circumstances dictate our outcomes, take deliberate, decisive actions or procrastinate and make a thousand excuses, take time to think things through or be rash and act impulsively, and determine whether to move forward into the unknown or to stay behind in the familiar and seemingly safe compartments we have created for ourselves.

A truly conscious and aware person is very grounded in the reality of life. They are
not choosing to operate from a place of delusion, thinking that all of life is status quo or one set way. They are remembering that everything in life has a positive and negative vibrational charge. There are ups and downs, ebbs and flows, harmony and disharmony, calm and conflict, order and chaos, clarity and confusion. They are trusting and remembering that there’s a higher order to everything, that peace can be found in the midst of the chaos, the peace that is already within us. They are remembering how important it is to go with the flow, rather than resist what is and to Accept what is.

What I define as living a life that involves a “conscious choice” is when you are making choices with the full understanding of reality, from a place of inner freedom, rather than making choices from a place of delusion/ignorance or fear- based motivations.

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