Fire & Ice Retreat at Coldwater Gardens Milton, FL June 23-25, 2023


with Diane Ferguson and Tracey Owens Lowd in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida 

February 24 – February 27, 2022

“Stop trying to be too less of yourself. Be too powerful, too loving, too whole, too magical. Be too sparkly!” Tanya Markul

This year our retreat focus is “Nurturing Your True SELF”

Many philosophers propose that we each have a TRUE SELF. Most social scientists are skeptical of such notions. There has been a rich debate across centuries and cultures about what that truly is. 

After many years of professional study, coursework, and working to empower others, plus living life our own life on life’s terms, Diane and Tracey propose that there are two types of SELF that regulate our personality and and behaviors each and every day. 

  • During this retreat we will dive into these two types of SELF (False and True) 
  • We will learn about behavioral traits of each SELF 
  • We will focus on being “too much” because why not?! 
  • We will explore if the inner self is different from the way the person acts all the time, why the inner one might be the true self?
  • We will laugh, we will cry, we will eat great food and we will drink amazing juices. We will practice yoga and create rituals that will help us make better choices in life.
  • We will lean into deep personal responsibility and transformation and we will open to love. 
  • Do we have your attention so far? Is this retreat for you? 

Not sure yet? We will also focus on:

  • Exploring the many ways we can face unexpected events in life and handle change while keeping the peace
  • Practicing acceptance and being grateful in the NOW
  • Trusting in the process of transformation
  • Releasing negative thought patterns and conditioning that holds us back
  • Grounding and integration
  • Exploring various yoga practices and meditation


Here’s what some of our previous participants have to say… 

“I’ve been attending this retreat for 5 years and each year is even more amazing that the last.”

“This was truly a transformational weekend filled with beautiful insights, openings, clarity and making new connections that will last forever. “

” In one weekend, I experienced such deep transformation. It was a very healing time for me. I cannot express the immense gratitude I have for Diane, Tracey and each woman there.”

“I’m so grateful for those women and their vulnerability, as well as their desire to share their own personal journey with us! Every part of it gave me a gift that I carry with me still today. Say YES to yourself and register today!”  

“Jennifer prepares the most delicious organic meals. They are so nurturing, nourishing and made with so much love.  You can taste it!”

“Every aspect was incredible – the house, the beach ceremony, the circle sharing. Loved all of it! Thank you for offering this retreat again.”

“A woman is like a teabag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water” Eleanor Roosevelt


  • Delicious Raw Juices and Organic Meals
  • Gorgeous Lodging just a few blocks from Santa Rosa Beach, Fl 
  • Experiential Workshops and Healing Fire Ceremony
  • Yoga Practices and Breathwork
  • Therapeutic Massage 
  • Intention Based Guided Meditations
  • Rest and Relaxation 
  • Guided Journaling Exercises

“Tracey and Diane show up in such an authentic and transparent way, it gives us permission to do the same. It’s not always easy but the rewards are great!” 



Non-refundable Deposit: $300
* Bunk Beds – $1025 Per Shared Room 
* Queen Beds  – $1150 Per Shared Room 
* King Beds  – $1350 Per Shared Room
* Private Room – $1650 Per King Room / $1550 Per Queen   Room (3 King & 1 Queen Available) 
Payment Plan: 

We understand that making this decision requires a leap of faith. This is why we offer payment plans. Your $300 deposit secures your spot and serves as your initial payment. Your next payment can be made on or before December 15th and your final payment on January 15th. Your deposit is due November 1, 2021. We will send out a reminder for each payment. 

Make payments using PayPal  < Click Here!

Cancellation Policy: 

Your $300 deposit is non-refundable.

After January 20th, $500 is non-refundable. We ask that you provide us with a minimum of two weeks notice if you are unable to attend. Emergency or medical exceptions will be considered. 

Is this retreat for me? Yes, if you are …

  • Someone who enjoys nature and sacred connections with like-minded women
  • Someone that is willing to explore deeper aspects of yourself with honesty
  • Someone that is ready to step outside their comfort zone in a safe setting
  • Someone that has a sincere desire to create peaceful, healthy, loving friendships within the retreat setting and out in the world
  • Someone that desires a peaceful, purposeful life and tends to get bogged down in the mundane and status quo

Tracey Owens Lowd

Tracey Owens Lowd, Empowerment Catalyst and Spiritual Teacher, has her own unique perspective to living in a truly empowered, authentic way. Tracey believes that transformation occurs through the conscious commitment of aligning how one thinks, speaks, feels, and acts.  Her services are a combination of Spiritual Counseling, Thought Transformation, and Energy Healing Work. This combination creates a welcoming environment for deep and lasting change to be brought forward and implemented.

Some of the issues she assists clients with include insecurity and low self-esteem, addiction and recovery, depression and stress, resolving and healing unconscious blocks to success, releasing automatic negative thoughts and emotions (including anger), improving physical health and overall vitality, reconnecting with personal power, and uncovering one’s calling, life purpose, or “mission.”

Her mission is to help her clients ceremoniously find their purpose, realize their dreams, and learn to live courageously, while creating rituals to practice every step of the way.

Diane Ferguson

Diane earned her Philosophy Degree from the University of Central Florida. Shortly after she took her first yoga class and fell in love with the movement, the principles, the introspection, and the way of life. As B.K.S Iyengar says, “Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.” Diane has continued to practice various types of yoga – savoring different aspects of each style. Following her dharma, she graduated from URU’s inaugural 200-hour teacher training class, then completed her 300 hour yoga teach training shortly after. 

With a full heart, she embraces her journey an as an instructor, incorporating meditation, guided Savasana, readings, oils, and a sense of playfulness in her classes. Diane credits her mom for introducing her to meditation. As a way to manage chronic migraines as a child, her mom started practicing guided meditation, self-hypsosis, and the Silva Mind Control Method with her daughter. Diane continues to practice these healing methods. 

Diane is a Master Reiki Teacher and Practitioner.  Sharing her gifts is one of her deepest passions, sharing light and watching people heal through the process.